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Built-in scheduled task

VSQL-Email has own build-in scheduled task, running in the system tray and send emails automatically.

Clean Code

VSQL-Email has been tested on Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 and Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2019.


Download the free version and discover new cool features and test it in the production environment.

VSQL-Email - best SQL email alerter

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Few settings and you are ready to go.

After you have configured SQL Server and SMPT settings add a new scheduled task is a matter of seconds. Please read the Documentation page for detailed instructions.

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User friendly

VSQ-Email is designed for managers, business users, DBAs, developers. For everybody!


Redefine the SQL email alerts

To send email alerts from SQL has never been easy.


Built-in scheduled task

You don't need other tool for sending scheduled alerts.


Intuitive Interface

All functionalities are integrated into a single screen.
It is very easy to use.


Less code

You don't have to write aditional code, just your query.


Continuous development

We are working to develop more cool features. Check the News section to see what's new.

Tutorial for beginner

Watch tutorial
Video of VSQ-Email to start

View how easy is to configure and send SQL email alerts.

You can convince yourself watching our three minutes movie in which you will see all the steps required to configure SQL and SMTP connections as well as scheduling and automatic sending of emails.

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Application design

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Understand how it works

We are thinking about your experience.

As you can see VSQL-Email can manage SQL and SMTP connection, retrieve data from the query, processing and formatting the dates and send it to you regularly.

VSQ-Email can be used for management reports, accounting reports, sales reports etc or for monitoring your server to know when a new record has been added or updated or an event has triggered.

Free version

  • 3 tasks limit
  • no scheduled alerts
  • send emails manually
  • non commercial



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  • unlimited tasks
  • built-in scheduled task
  • MobilPay security
  • commercial use



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  • unlimited tasks
  • built-in scheduled task
  • PayPal security
  • commercial use



* If you choose to buy with credit card (slower method, usually 1 working day), after click on "BUY NOW", please enter your activation code on "Serial (OEM)" field, press "Add to cart" and after that, from right upper corner, click on "Shopping cart" and select "CHECKOUT"

* If you choose to buy with PayPal (the fastest method, usually 2,3 hours), after you make the payment, please send me your activation code at admin@sql-email.com

** The license is OEM, the price is for one machine for an unlimited period.

sql html email

VSQ-Email can be scheduled more than once daily. You can send alerts at the desired intervals.

May 1st, 2018


You can send your query result as HTML formatted email body and/or as Excel attachment. The choice is yours.

February 1st, 2020


HTML body has the autoresize capability.

March 26, 2020


Conditional color formatting.

July 21, 2020


The recipient list can be loaded directly from a query field. This way you can only send emails to certain customers.

October 26, 2021


In the full version, at first run, after 10 seconds of inactivity it will enter automatically in Scheduled mode.

October 20, 2017


Now you can to not send emails if query result is empty. You can choose if you want to receive "blank" alerts.

June 1st, 2017

sql client

For the better understanding of "SQL Server connection module" is recommended to learn more about SQL connection string. please visit : https://www.connectionstrings.com/sql-server-native-client-11-0-odbc-driver/
Next step is to download SQL Native Client (for MSSQL - 32 or 64 bits version depending on you computer operating system) you can download it from here : X86 Package (32 bits)  or X64 Package (64 bits)
For other RDBMS, please download the appropriate package.
In Server name field you must complete your server name or IP address (example: DESKTOP-DVRMPT;\ERP;,4133 etc) DB name is your database name, Auth. mode is authentification type, if your SQL server is on the same computer with VSql-email you can use a trusted connection (without user and password), otherwise you must provide a user and a password for your connection. Hit the "Test connection" button and read the message, if your connection string is correct you can "Save" the data.


In this module are settings of your email server. You can ask your provider for this settings. Here is a link for Gmail SMTP : https://support.google.com/a/answer/176600?hl=en.
Auth. type has a tooltip where you can see the possible values and SSL is strongly recommended.
User and password must be specified and are your email user and password.
You can send a test email to your address and if all settings are correct you can save the data.

schedule task

"Task name" is the name who will be displayed in the tasks list. It must be representative for you to find your task.
"Occurs" has the role in settings periodicity of your task by settings days and hour when VSql-email will send an automatically email.
"SQL Query" is the query that will be run on your server and whose result it will be sent as formatted HTML.
"From" is your email set at "SMTP settings" module. Tip: you can try to use another email here.
"To" is your delivery emails list separated by ";" (without quotes).
"Subject" is subject of the email. It can be the same as task name or something understandable.
"Body" is the message of email and it will be displayed above HTML formatted table from your query result.
"Active" - only tasks with this option checked will be sent. Tou can save a task for later use by simply not check this option.


You can add a new task or delete an existing task.
Deleted task cannot be recovered, so it's recommended to back-up you TASKS.XML file (in this file are stored your tasks).
In "Scheduled mode" VSql-email it will be minimized in tray and only in this mode it will send automatically emails.
"Save" it will save your task and it will be displayed in the tasks list.
"Run now" will send an email without regard the "Occurs" settings. In free version only in this mode, you can send emails.

From "Exit" you can quit the application.